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About Mimilotta

About Mimilotta sunwear

I am Mimi’s and Lotta’s mother, who were my ultimate inspiration for Mimilotta sunwear. When I lived as an expat in the USA we went on a trip to Mexico. I was looking for a swimsuit to protect the skin of my 6-month-old baby and while I was able to find protective swimsuits, most of them did not appeal to me. My awareness for sun protection and skin care became bigger over time and my American dermatologist told me a phrase that had a great impact on me; “We only have one skin”. Since then, Mimilotta began to build itself little by little in my mind. My taste for fashion and my interest in skin care is reflected in Mimilotta not only as a brand, but as a lifestyle.


Mimilotta is a children's swimwear collection with a classic touch, elegant style and playful details. Its exclusive prints are inspired by exotic summer trips, long days in the sun and nature. Most importantly, our swimsuits have been created to protect our little ones’ skin and offer a physical barrier of sun protection (UPF 50+ UV protection).


Mimilotta is 100% “Made in Spain” supporting small local businesses.


We hope you like our little collection and wish you a happy summer full of adventures!




…how do you protect your children's skin?

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